Solati Reader

Version 2.5 available for free on Google Play!

Solati Reader might be the fastest eBook reader on the market for files of the EPUB format. Text is displayed almost instantly, and orientation changes are done without delay.

The high speed with which Solati Reader displays EPUB books is achieved by omitting table of contents, images, hyperlinks and formatting from EPUB files. This is a text-only reader. Neither does Solati Reader have any DRM capability. Copy-protected EPUB files cannot be read by Solati Reader.

There are no ads in the app. No special permissions are needed, except for access to the external storage for EPUB files.

Solati Reader uses a system font and can therefore display all types of text that your device can display. For example Arabic or Chinese. You can also choose to use TrueType fonts of your own.

The main screen of Solati Reader shows a list of all books found in the folder "eBooks" on the external storage. Free EPUB books can be downloaded by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting "Get books from Feedbooks". The action menu displayed when clicking on the three dots also contains the option to search the entire external storage for books.

By longpressing a book in the list, a dialog detailing the file size and path of that book is shown. The dialog also has a button for deleting the book.

Plain text files can also be displayed in Solati Reader.

Page navigation is done by swiping horizontally across the screen, or tapping at any edge of the screen.

While reading a book, drag up or down along the left edge of the screen to increase or reduce brightness. Drag up or down along the right edge of the screen to increase or reduce the font size. Tap in the center of the screen to bring up the information screen, where you can jump to a position in the book using the seek bar at the bottom. There are also options for bookmarks and searching for specific text. The information screen can also be reached by pressing the menu key on your device.

On Android 3.0 or newer, it is possible to select text in Solati Reader by longpressing without moving the finger.



hi, got a problem here.. how can you adjust the zooming in and out or this reader... i adjusted the zoom out to its max and now i can't adjust it back... please help.. thank you!
You can reduce the font size by sliding down along the right edge of the screen.
The Solati Reader is a lovely app. But... I import my books by downloading from Ubuntu One to a folder called U1/Books. I'd like to be able to select U1/Books as my ebook folder. With Solati scanning the U1/Books folder on startup and then presenting me with a list of the epub and txt files. Finally, I know black is eternally cool, but the black background and white text really f**ks up my eyes. What about offering an alternative with a light green background with charcoal-grey text? Thanks for all your efforts.
Thanks for your suggestions! The next release of Solati Reader will allow you to choose the default folder for ebooks. I will also try to add settings for custom colors.
I've just tried the new release: it's fantastic. It's now easily the best android e-pub reader. That said, it's still not quite perfect. Hence my latest (entirely unreasonable) demands for the next release: 1. Please allow me to change the colour of the home screen; perhaps using a background image of my choice. 2. Please let me choose 2 or more default folders. Thanks for all your efforts. And also for making Solati reader free. Lewis
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I will take your (entirely unreasonable) demands into consideration. Though to avoid feature creep, I probably need to keep the app on a diet for a while. ;)
Back again. Lately I've been using the Solati Reader in conjunction with Calibre Companion. The Calibre Companion app places a hidden txt file (.calibre.companion.debug.log.txt) in the ebooks folder. The Solati Reader lists this file in its library as a txt book. Might it be possible to tweak the Solati Reader so it will ignore this sort of txt file? Also, how about a settings option where you can exclude either txt or epub files? So the library will show either just epubs or just txt books. Hope this isn't too much to ask. As ever, thanks for your time and your tireless efforts. Lewis
Thanks for your suggestions Lewis, I'll look into having a file filter setting.
I've just now uploaded version 2.2 which contains a setting for file extensions. You can choose to only display epub files, hope that helps.
Blimey, that's really impressive. How did you do it so quickly? Thanks for making a cool app just about perfect . . . . but you might want to warn others that the new version has ALL FILES as its default: on the first launch the library exploded with 99 caches and a database. Though they vanished after a quick trip to Settings/File extensions. Other than that it's pretty fantastic. Thanks for being so generous. Lewis
Thanks for the warning! The default is "epub and txt", but I realize now that the default is only set when doing a clean install. When upgrading, the value "All files" gets used instead, which wasn't my intention. I've uploaded version 2.2.1 with a fix.
Hi, When I upgraded Xperia SP from 4.1 to 4.3, screen brightness is not changing any more when you reading book (I set it to be 30%). It's stays the same as system setting, and when you go back in menu then changes shortly and then go back to system setting. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
Hi, unfortunately I don't know what might cause that behavior. I can only suggest that you make sure there's no autobrightness active on the device.
Bravo, that was the solution! Thanks! BTW great app. Best,
Thanks, glad you like it!
please add custom fonts option, thankyou, love ur app
Have recently started looking for new epub reader after Moon+ Reader, Aldiko etc. have become too fat & heavy. Found Solati and immediately started using it. Lightest reader & Lightning fast too! Would appreciate if you could add "justify" feature to the ebooks content so that the layout of the ebooks is nice & uniform. i hope this feature would not be too much to ask for!! Thanks in advance.
I'm glad you like it! Unfortunately the Android TextView component doesn't support justification, so adding justification might make the app slower.
Oh ok. Thanks for your immediate reply. Something has to be sacrificed for something. But hope that in future, Android develops someway!!
Dear trobro, Many thanks for this excellent app. Please make it full screen since now we can only dim the Navigation Bar but if it is removed, we can get more reading area. Also if the Volume up/ down buttons can be used for changing pages, it would be 5 Star app. Thank in advance.
Dear Solati Team, Any possibility of my earlier request?? Many thanks for this excellent app. Please make it full screen since now we can only dim the Navigation Bar but if it is removed, we can get more reading area. Also if the Volume up/ down buttons can be used for changing pages, it would be 5 Star app. Thank in advance.
Hi Sharad, I'm glad you like Solati Reader! Thanks for your suggestions, I will keep them in mind for future versions, but unfortunately don't have time to create a new version right now.

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